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Vacation, Holiday, Give Them A Break


In a previous post, I wrote about the importance of taking time off from your daily routines and truly resting your mind and body.  We all know these times as vacations or holidays.  I urged managers, coaches, and parents to remember the importance of these breaks.  Make sure that those you lead, or parent,  get real true breaks.   Leaders of all kinds can sometimes forget the long term benefits of people truly shutting off.  Everyone is too focused on the short term.

Today I am repeating that message and sharing a note I received from a reader.  It is a message not just for leaders but for everyone.

“I guess I am “one of those people” [who don’t shut down] but you have not heard from me because I have decided to be less electronic this vacation.  Twice per week for work e-mail and I answered only three of them….one was to my boss and the others to colleagues.  This is one thing that you never touched on…supporting your colleagues when they take time off so they can actually relax and know that their clients and work are being looked after.”

It feels good that some people hear my pleas and “help me help you” more broadly.

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