The Downers, Turn A Cheek, Forget It


I have a mental list of people with whom I have had significant relationship challenges.  I am mindful of keeping this list very short even if it means constructively moving some people out of my life.  I try to learn from poor relationships to see what I could have done differently. I appreciate those who have passed through my life causing great challenges for me.  Some are positive and some are not.

Most of my toxic people taught me patience and how to turn a cheek, but some just caused pain. The pain typically comes from words meant to judge negatively.  Toxic people aren’t challenging for everyone, it’s just situational.  I am sure my toxins are all loved by someone, perhaps their mothers?   Nonetheless, I consciously rid myself of my toxins and foster new relationships with happy positive people.

Most of those who challenge us have inflated senses of their own importance usually fueled by their own insecurities. Most feel the need to insult and embarrass others primarily to make themselves feel better. Many avoid looking you in the eye when speaking to you.   The latter is a sure sign of trouble. Doesn’t it all sound just like the schoolyard when you were a kid? It isn’t that much different.

I believe you should respect everyone in your life and dig deep to respect people who may be different than you.  It is better and healthier to focus on the good things people achieve.  The positives of my life and career certainly have far outweighed any downers.

You know, it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere and time to cleanse and renew.  You should rid yourself of those toxins and encourage those you lead to do the same.

Son of a Postman

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