Because I Can

You Can Too, Just Pause, Breathe

People ask me why I take the bus.  I tell them it is “because I can.”  I enjoy being with people in the big city.  I love listening to their conversations.  I love the luxury of time to take the bus.  Is there really any place that is so important that I need to rush?  People have this image that I am a taxi / limousine kind of guy.  Really?  They just don’t know me very well.  I am, and always will be, The Son of a Postman!

I have grown very fond of my mantra “because I can.”   People ask why I volunteer to help kids, or mentor people that are both junior and senior to me.  I just do it “because I can.”   There will be a day when I might not be able to help but for now I try.   I am “No Mother Teresa” but perhaps I could aspire to be among her many flocks.

“One theory says that if you treat people well, you’re more likely to encourage them to do what you want, making all the effort pay off. Do this, get that.

Another one, which I prefer, is that you might consider treating people with kindness merely because you can. Regardless of what they choose to do in response, this is what you choose to do. Because you can.”   Seth Godin


Son of a Postman

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